Your Finishing Options

Skopos provides three types of finishes across many of its accent tiles and home décor (see product details for more information).

Natural Finish

The natural finish is the most organic, textured finish true to the casting itself but is finished with multiple finishing techniques for a luster shine.  Post installation, they can be cleaned regularly with soap and water.  Or, you may use very fine steel wool or 400-600 grit sandpaper to buff out and repair slight surface scratches to help replace the luster of the irregular surface finish.

Matte Finish

The Matte finish is a smooth, untextured finish but is finished with additional finishing techniques compared to the natural finish.  Post installation, Clean regularly with soap and water.

Polished Finish

The polish finish is a smooth, hand buffed polished finish and requires the most finishing techniques out of the three finishes.  Post installation, Clean regularly with soap and water.  In addition, you may apply a brass cleaner such as Miracle Shine.  Please note that a quality car wax and soft cloth for buffing can be used to polish and protect, if desired.  If you choose to wax with quality car wax, watch for wax build up.