Filling a niche market.

Skopos accent tiles and décor accessories are hand-crafted in America using only the highest quality of bronze, aluminum and zinc alloys.  Incorporating the finest materials allows Skopos to offer a lifetime warranty on all products.  Each piece is individually cast & finished through a proprietary process allowing each item to grow finer and more radiant as the product ages.

Uncommon beauty, quality and durability.

It was apparent, through a remodel research project, that there was a gap and a need for high quality, durable, authentic and customizable accent tiles.  Not only was there a gap, but a lack of color & finish options.  With 40 years of foundry experience and metal finishing expertise we knew that there were many other manufacturing, finishing and alloy options available for producing customized accent tiles and décor accessories of uncommon beauty, quality and durability.  So, in 2017 Skopos was established in order to fill that gap and to serve our customers.

The future is bright.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of work and to increase the breadth of our manufacturing capabilities through new technologies, metals and processes.  The future is bright, and we look forward to serving you.


Producing artistic accent tiles & home decor

  • Skopos accent tiles and décor accessories are cast and poured with 100% bronze, brass, aluminum or zinc alloys, there are no coatings or patinas which can be easily nicked or damaged.

  • Skopos accent tiles and accessories are made high in strength, corrosion resistant and easily maintained.

  • Easily manipulate any of the artistic line of accent tiles to provide a different look & feel for each application.  Our accent tiles can be turned 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees as an intrinsic back splash tile.

  • Many of the accent tile collections incorporate a change in elevation and thickness across the entire accent tile allowing light to hit on specific focal points and curvatures.

  • Some of our accent tile collections incorporate two different alloys that highlight the focal points of each tile making them unique and an array of beauty.