Highly Skilled Foundry Men & Artisans

Our expertly skilled foundry tradesmen and artisans are true masters of each of their crafts, that includes professionals with expertise in sculpturing, painting and other artistic mediums.

Hand-Sculpted Molds and Patterns

Acrylics, silicon, molding clay, wood and plastics and other new technological materials are used in a variety of methods to build by hand each of our molds and patterns.

Quality Assurance

Each accent tile and home décor item evolves from an ingot of bronze, aluminum or zine and is melted, poured and hand finished.  Each accent tile and home décor item must meet strict quality assurance guidelines through each stage of the process and final inspected by the quality assurance manager.

Certified Materials

Skopos accent tiles & home decor begin as a solid certified metal ingot and is placed into the foundry furnace.

The Melt

The ingot is melted in a crucible at extremely high temperatures that reach up to 2,150 degrees to purify the molten metal.

The Pour

After the super-heated metal liquid is freed of impurities, it’s ready to pour into a waiting mold.  The cooling process is dramatic and rief, the piece begins to take shape.

Mold Extraction

The accent tiles & home decor can be broken free of its mold.

Finish and Hand Inspection

The accent tiles & home decor are ready for a variety of hand-crafted finishing techniques that turn each Skopos piece into a thing of indestructible functionality and beauty.